Accomplishments of the previous and current Mayor and Borough Council:

  • Financially rated Aaa by Moody’s Financial Services
  • Outsourced garbage removal and provide outstanding public works services for park maintenance, infrastructure projects and snow, leaf and brush removal for residents
  • Developed a successful and efficient “shared services program” with Fair Haven and Little Silver in the Building and Construction Office. 
  • After Superstorm Sandy the zoning rules were redesigned to assist residents in rebuilding and renovating
  • Aggressively pursued Federal and State grants after Superstorm Sandy resulting in funding for significant infrastructure upgrades
  • Impeccable and well maintained parks that are used year round by all of our residents
  • Completed a project with Fair Haven, Little Silver and Monmouth County to develop and implement a bicycle path through 3 towns
  • Obtained Federal, State and County grants to improve sidewalks, and curbs in conjunction with an extensive road paving program
  • Partnering with Monmouth University to create Monmouth Marine and Environmental Field Station behind the borough hall for our residents, students and the general public to see the environmental effects on our rivers. This is a big win for our students in grades K-12.
  • Partnering with Monmouth University to redevelop the pond at Deane-Porter School
  • Created Borough Engineer position to provide more cost effective services to our residents and reduce outside engineering expense
  • Provide a comprehensive Recreation program for residents of all ages
  • Implementing the St. Patrick’s Day parade

2017 Summary Infrastructure Report

A complete summary of the engineering, infrastructure, and grants that were pursued by the Mayor and Borough Council can be viewed here

Rumson and the Borough Council are focused on maintaining the balance between the unique heritage and character of our town and the fast changing economic and social environment. As deeply committed volunteers, your Borough Council is dedicated to meet these challenges head on. Our goal is to deliver the first rate services that our residents expect in a cost effective manner.