2018 Engineering Report

Infrastructure Improvements

2017 Curb and Sidewalk Program – East River Road & Ridge Road:

This project consisted of the installation of new curbs and sidewalks on East River Road from Black Point Road to Ridge Road and on Ridge Road from Avenue of Two Rivers to Bingham Avenue.  With the completion of this phase of the project, a fully compliant ADA accessible route exists between the Oceanic Library and Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, Dean Porter, and Forrestdale Schools.  The completion of our project allowed Monmouth County’s resurfacing of East River Road and Ridge Road to occur within the 2017 construction season.  This portion of the project has been completed within anticipated timeframes and budget.  Additional concrete curbing and sidewalk improvements were completed on Carton Street, Parmly Street, Bay Street, and Lakeside Avenue.

2018 Road Improvement Program – Phase 1

This project consists of the milling and resurfacing of the following Borough streets; Hartshorne Lane, Carton Street, Parmly Street, Lakeside Avenue, Oak Lane, Oakwood Lane, Bay Street, and Black Point Road.  A portion of the construction costs for Hartshorne Lane are offset with a $185,000 grant from the NJDOT Office of Local Aid.  Fiore Paving was the lowest most responsive bidder with a total bid amount of $489,907.18.  As of the date of this report, Lakeside Avenue, Carton Street, Parmly Street, and Black Point Road have been milled and resurfaced.  It is anticipated the balance of work will be complete by late October.

2018 Road Improvement Program – Phase 2

This project consists of the installation of new concrete curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons, and ADA accessible curb ramps on Highland Avenue, Rosalie Avenue, Island Road, and Riverview Avenue.  A contract was award to S. Batata Construction in the amount of $591,867.50.  Work is anticipated to start in the coming weeks.  The road paving will be a cooperative effort with NJNG and NJAW as part of their infrastructure upgrade programs.

2018 Road Improvement Program – Phase 3

These streets in phase 3 are Lafayette Street, Narumsunk Street, Church Street (portions), and Hunt Street.  The work will consist of the installation of new curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons, and ADA accessible curb ramps.  We are evaluating the ability to expand the existing angled on-street parking along Victory Park.  We are also looking at traffic circulation on Lafayette Street (north of W. River Road) and Hunt Street for possible one-way orientation.  Survey and Engineering design efforts will begin in the coming weeks with an anticipated construction schedule of Spring 2019.

2018 Road Improvement Program – Phase 4

These streets in phase 4 are Kemp Avenue, Laurel Lane, Elm Lane, and Auldwood Lane.  The work will consist of the installation of new curbs, driveway aprons (as needed), and drainage on Kemp Avenue.  Survey and Engineering design efforts will begin in the coming weeks with an anticipated construction schedule of Fall 2019 or Spring 2020.

Sanitary Sewer Extraneous Flow Investigation & Elimination:

Over the past few years, we have been plague with very wet Spring weather and have we experienced sanitary sewer flows in excess of double those typically observed under normal conditions.  This excess flow from groundwater infiltration and illegal sump pump connections has caused pump stations south of Rumson Road to pump nearly continuously for months.  While this creates higher operating costs (electric, maintenance, wear/tear/fatigue, etc) it also resulted in manholes surcharging along Rumson Road.  To better understand the cause of the surcharging manholes and develop a base line of pipe condition, we cleaned and televise inspected the sanitary sewer pipes in two phases.  The initial phase completed in July 2017 consisted of Rumson Road (Fair Haven Road to Conover Lane), Conover Lane, the easement between Conover Lane and Buena Vista Avenue, the easement at the end of Elm Lane and Laurel Lane, and Buttonwood Lane East.  The pipes were overall in good structural condition with leaking joints to varying severities throughout the inspected areas.  While the Contractor was available, we had 31 of the most significant leaking pipe joints internally grouted.

We initiated phase 2 of the sanitary sewer pipe investigation in June and July of 2018.  The sanitary sewer pipes on the following streets were cleaned and televise inspected: Riverside Drive, Wardell Avenue, Ivins Place, Brookside Drive, Woods End Road, Post Road,  Buttonwood Lane, Water Way, Rivers Edge Drive, Harbor Drive, Club Way, Fair Haven Road, Sycamore Lane, Kemp Avenue, Laurel Lane, Elm Lane, and Rumson Road.  With the two investigative phases complete, we have televise inspected and cleaned all the sewer pipes tributary to the Buena Vista Avenue Pump Station, approximately 43,000 linear feet!  I have enlisted the expert assistance of CME Associates to evaluate the pipe network and provide recommendation for immediate repairs (if needed) and guidance on developing long-term infrastructure improvement programs to reduce extraneous inflow.

In July 2017, Councilman Conklin, Tom Rogers, and I met with New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to present our concept project for the rehabilitation of nearly 20 miles of gravity sanitary sewer pipe south of Rumson Road.  They are a very willing partner due to the problems experienced by the Borough and the significant environmental impact a catastrophic failure would present.  We will continue to advance this initiative and pursue available funding sources.

Conover Lane Sewer Pipe Repairs:

During the Phase 1 sewer investigation, we discovered a significant pipe settlement in a segment of pipe on Conover Lane creating a 75% loss in flow capacity.  This attributed to the upstream problems experienced periodically on Rumson Road.  A temporary bypass pump was utilized to improve flow conditions on Conover Lane until conditions permitted the replacement of the misaligned pipe segment.  On July 10, 2018, 40’ of misaligned sanitary sewer pipe was replaced and put back in service by the end of the day.  We will continue to monitor and evaluate the success of the repairs.

Piping Rock Park Improvements:

In 2014 & 2015, the Borough was awarded grants from Monmouth County Parks and Recreation for improvements to Piping Rock Park totaling $387,000.  As with many Borough projects, the improvements at Piping Rock Park have evolved since their inception in 2014.  This evolution is typical considering the process of taking a project from concept plan to engineered plans with incorporating much of the feedback received from the community.  A 180’ x 330’ multi-purpose natural grass playing field to accommodate soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and practice football will be constructed on the western side of the Park.  The existing baseball/softball field will be rotated 45° and relocated approximately 60’ to the west.  This reconfiguration will accommodate a 46/60 baseball/softball field with a 250’ outfield.  This is similar to the current size, which accommodates all user groups except the “Pony” League, which currently plays at Riverside Park.  This plan change allows the existing tennis courts to remain.  The existing 911 Memorial near E. River Road will remain in its current location.  The KDM 911 Memorial will be relocated to align with the new baseball/softball field and will be prominently featured as you enter Piping Rock Park from Carton Street.  While construction is underway, the memorial will be stored in the Department of Public Works building.  Walking paths will traverse the park connecting the East River Road, Carton Street and Forrest Avenue entrances.  All the facilities, including walking paths, will meet current American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.  A new playground will be installed on the west side of the tennis courts, just north of the current playground.  The existing hedges on East River Road and vegetative buffer and fences between the Ridge Road properties are being preserved.  The East River Road parking lot will be expanded to provide additional parking with ADA compliant parking facilities.  The Carton Street parking lot will be reconfigured to accommodate the new field layout.  Traffic circulation will be changed to one-way to make for an overall safer environment.

A contract for construction was awarded to Precise Construction in mid-August.  Shop drawing submissions have been reviewed and many have been approved.  It is currently anticipated that construction activity will commence the week of September 17th, weather permitting.  We expect the work to be substantially complete by year end.


The following is a list of grant opportunities we are tracking:

NJDOT Local Aid FY2017 – The Borough has been awarded $185,000 towards the resurfacing of Hartshorne Lane from Avenue of Two Rivers to Ward Avenue.  This work will complete the roadway restoration efforts initiated by the New Jersey Natural Gas Company as part of their NJRISE infrastructure program.  Work should be complete by late-October 2018.

NJDOT Local Aid FY2018 – This grant application continues the success of our Curb and Sidewalk Improvement Program on East River Road.  The proposed project limits are from Black Point Road to Bingham Avenue.  The NJDOT Office of Local Aid has awarded the Borough $534,079.00 for this phase of the project.

NJDOT Local Aid FY2019 – To continue our past successes, I am recommending the submission of a grant application for W. River Road curb and sidewalk improvements from Bingham Avenue to Third Street.  The application deadline is October 8, 2018.

Monmouth County Open Space (MCOS) Grant – The Borough submitted a grant application for the possible acquisition of two island properties located in the Navesink River for the preservation of dedicated open space.  The MCOS did not fund the grant request, but recommended a resubmission in future funding cycles.


Other Engineering Efforts

NJAW & NJNG Infrastructure Hardening with new Shrewsbury River Crossings:

Both utilities successfully directionally drilled new transmission pipelines under the Shrewsbury River to Sea Bright through Old Rumson Road right-of-way.  The new transmission lines have been in service since early 2017.  As part of the environmental permit with NJDEP, a diversion of Green Acres encumbered parkland (pocket park at the end of Old Rumson Road) will need to be completed.  The process is being undertaken by both utility companies and the Borough in the latter part of 2018.

NJNG Main Upgrades:

Throughout the Borough, NJNG has upgraded their natural gas mains to improve service reliability to its customers.  As part of their efforts, they resurfaced (either in full or part) 25 Borough streets totaling nearly 8 miles.  In the coming weeks, the balance of streets slated for resurfacing will be completed.

NJAW Main Upgrades:

NJAW has completed their main renewal program on Highland Avenue, Rosalie Avenue, Riverview Avenue, Island Road, Black Point Road, Cedar Avenue, and Holly Street.  In coordination with NJNG, both utility owners will complete full width resurfacing of the impacted roadways after the Borough replaces curbs and sidewalks.  Pavement restoration has been completed on Black Point Road, Cedar Avenue and Holly Street.

NJFRAMES (NJ Fostering Regional Adaptation through Municipal Economic Scenarios):

NOAA awarded a grant to NJDEP for nearly $900k to develop a regional plan to address the impacts of coastal hazards within the communities comprising the Two River Council of Mayors.  The group will be seeking local hazard information and recommendations from municipalities for incorporation into the project.   We continue to participate in the planning stages of this program.

Deane Porter Pond Dredging:

Through a shared-service initiative with the Rumson Board of Education and Monmouth University, we are advancing professional engineering and environmental permitting efforts associated with the dredging of the drainage pond adjacent to Deane Porter School.  Monmouth University has conducted a bathymetric survey to identify dredge material for removal.  Najarian Associates has been retained to prepare the site survey, dredge plan, and environmental permits.  NJDEP Permit applications will be submitted in the Fall 2018 with pond dredging anticipated in Summer 2019.

Monmouth University Marine and Environmental Field Station:

Monmouth University and the Borough of Rumson have advanced initiatives to construct a Monmouth University Marine and Environmental Field Station within the Borough.  It was determined, the Municipal Boat Launch would be an optimal location providing students, faculty, and staff quick access to the Navesink River, Shrewsbury River, Sandy Hook Bay, and Atlantic Ocean.  The program has expanded to include the Rumson Borough Schools and provide the students opportunities to engage with Monmouth University Faculty and students in environmental and ecological sciences.  The project team has met with the NJDEP to review the concept plans in an effort to streamline the environmental permitting process.  As part of the Field Station construction, public access, storm/flood resiliency, and functional improvements will also be completed to the Boat Launch and surrounding area.

Geographic Information System (GIS):

The Borough GIS is utilized daily by myself and the Building Department.  As our familiarity with the program grows, we find new ways to implement the resources for mapping, tracking trends, and sharing information.

Grading Plan Reviews & Final Inspection of Residential Properties:

Since January 2018, I have reviewed 29 grading plans (some two or three times) for compliance with the applicable Borough Ordinances.  I have also conducted 38 final inspections (and countless progress inspections) along with the recommendations that certificates of occupancy be issued for the completed developments.  Based on my records, there are currently 86 active residential construction sites (where grading plan approval was required) within the Borough of Rumson.


Monmouth County Sponsored Projects

2017 Monmouth County Resurfacing Program – The County completed their resurfacing program of Ridge Road, Bingham Avenue, East River Road, Avenue of Two Rivers, and Rumson Road in Fall 2017.  Some minor punchlist items (i.e Rumson Road Bike Lane Symbols) remain to be addressed.

Sea Bright – Rumson Bridge Replacement (S-32) – The project is currently in the Local Preliminary Engineering phase of the Federal process and the County is advancing community involvement discussions, agency consultations, environmental documentation, design level mapping, and design services concurrently. At updated project schedule is not currently available, however during our last meeting, the County anticipated construction could start by Winter 2020 and continue until Spring 2023.

Oceanic Bridge Replacement (S-31) – The County has begun the Local Concept Development Study stage of the Federal process.  An updated project schedule is currently not available, however the County has committed to not starting construction on the Oceanic Bridge until the Sea Bright – Rumson Bridge construction is complete.

Traffic Safety Improvements at Various Intersections – Monmouth County completed various short and long-term traffic and pedestrian safety improvements at the following intersections in 2017:

  • Ridge Road and Fair Haven Road
  • West River Road and Third Street
  • West River Road and Second Street
  • West River Road and First Street
  • West River Road and Allen Street
  • West River Road and Lafayette Street
  • West River Road and Washington Street
  • West/East River Road and Bingham Avenue
  • Bingham Avenue and Hunt Street
  • Rumson Road and Hance Avenue

Completed Projects:

Rumson-Sea Bright Emergency Pipe Lining:

In April 2017, we were notified by Sea Bright of a sinkhole having formed just downstream of the shared force main receiving manhole on Ocean Avenue.  Rumson Public Works undertook emergency precautions to stabilize the 24” concrete pipe, however it was so seriously degraded, permanent repairs would need to be planned and executed immediately.  After further evaluation, it was determined that 550 linear feet of pipe would need to be repaired with a cured-in-place pipe liner.  Under an emergency contract, bypass valves and piping were installed, the pipe was cleaned, televise inspected, and ultimately lined with cast-in-place UV cured fiberglass liner.

Grant Avenue Force Main Repairs:

In May 2017, a leak on the force main exiting the Grant Avenue Sanitary Sewer Pump Station was observed in the lawn area immediately upland of the bulkhead.  This is a 12” ductile iron force main which conveys all sanitary sewer flows from Rumson under the Shrewsbury River into the shared receiving manhole on Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright.  Under an emergency contract, we had the damaged pipe segment removed and replaced.  The Department of Public Works and Contractor worked together to make the repair in less than 6 hours.  It was determined, the pipe had been inadvertently struck by a dead-man pile during the bulkhead replacement project in the early 2000s.  The cost of the repairs were fully covered by the Borough’s property insurance.

Club Way Force Main Replacement:

Over the course of several months, we experienced 5 leaks on the Club Way Sanitary Sewer Force Main.  The ductile iron force main pipe was installed in early 1970s as part of “Westerly Sewers – Contract No 7”.  After investigation, it was determined the pipe was failing due to internal corrosion from sewer gas buildup, which was not properly venting.  Due to the severe pipe degradation and uncertainty of how far the degradation advanced within the pipe, the Borough opted to replace the entire 2,200 linear feet of force main with C900 PVC pipe, which is impervious to future degradation from sewer gas.  This work was completed on an emergency contract basis, within our anticipated timeframe, and within budget.

DPW Fuel Tank Replacement:

This project consisted of installing a new 10,000 gallon above ground fuel storage tank and product dispensers along with removing the existing underground fuel storage tanks.  The new system went into operation in February 2017 and the underground tanks were removed in March 2017.  The environmental reporting/testing for the soil surrounding the underground tanks came back free of contaminants, therefore no further environmental action by the Borough was required and the permit was closed-out by the NJDEP.

Pump Station Emergency Generators & SCADA System Installation:

The project consisted of the installation of emergency backup generators at Club Way, Thorton Way, Navesink Avenue, and Riverside Drive Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations.  In addition, all 11 pump stations received upgraded communication equipment to alert DPW at preset alarm conditions (high water level, low water level, power failure, etc).  The improvements are funded through FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants.  The work was substantially completed in the 4th Quarter of 2017.

Victory Park Playground Improvements:

We installed new concrete curb edging around the three play structures and installed seating walls and a set of stairs to level grade from the upper to lower play areas.  While the playgrounds were closed, the Department of Public Works made timber repairs to the structures and replaced worn elements.

NJDOT Local Aid FY2015 – The Borough was awarded $235,000 for the installation of new concrete curbs and sidewalks to provide greater accessibility along Ridge Road and East River Road.  The project construction was completed this past Fall.

Monmouth County Open Space (MCOS) Grant – The Borough secured two MCOS Grants for Piping Rock Park Improvements (Phase 1 award $250,000 and Phase 2 award $137,000.  We have ordered boundary and topographic survey of the park property and will further develop the concept plans for submission to Monmouth County.  I anticipate the Monmouth County approval process and final design taking the better part of 2017 with construction starting in Spring 2018.

Post Sandy Planning Assistance Grants (PSPAG):

Community Rating System (CRS) Enrollment – The Borough was awarded $43,500 from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to enroll in FEMA’s CRS program.  Immediately prior to our enrollment in the program, FEMA provided the Borough with a list of properties in which the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) identify as having a lowest floor below the Base Flood Elevation.  We have been working to reconcile the list against Borough records and once completed, we can enroll in the program.  I anticipate submitting our enrollment package to FEMA in April 2018.  From the NJDCA perspective, the project is complete and the Borough has been reimbursed in full.

Tax Map Digitization – The Borough was awarded $50,000 from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to digitize and update tax maps within the 500-year floodplain (approx. 2/3 of Borough).  T&M Associates digitized, updated, and obtained State approval for the maps.  The project is complete and NJDCA has reimbursed the Borough in full.